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EdisonHealth’s is pleased to provide a Return on Investment (ROI) Estimator tool, to assist employers or brokers in forecasting the impact of the program on its health plan costs and members. 

The Estimator tool is highly customizable based on specific client data; including size, plan enrollment mix, and health plan experience.  Incorporating EdisonHealth’s program and case fees, and using a set of transparent, credible sources, the tool provides users the ability to forecast the impact of EdisonHealth’s specialized network of medical centers on overall plan costs.  The assumptions and calculations have been validated by the Care Innovations™ Validation Institute, a GE-Intel backed organization with a focus on certifying the methods used in tools such as the ROI Estimator. The Validation Institute has confirmed that the math in the EdisonHealth ROI Estimator is accurate in its net claim savings, and also that its assumptions are all linked to authoritative sources.

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The methods, assumptions and formulas within the ROI Estimator have been validated by the Care Innovations™ Validation Institute, a GE-Intel backed organization that is dedicated to helping healthcare industry consumers evaluate solutions with confidence – and based on sound and valid information.

For access to a fully functional version of the EdisonHealth ROI Estimator, or to simply learn more about EdisonHealth and its medical centers, please contact Austin Chelko via email at